Thyng Press Release


Thyng Launches World's First ARKit Augmented Reality Authoring App that
Lets Users Put Their Own Photos and Videos onto any Surface in AR

Thyng 4.0 with ARKit is now available in the iOS 11 App Store

Chicago, Oct. 3, 2017 -- Thyng LLC announces the launch of Thyng 4.0 with ARKit, the quick and easy augmented reality (AR) authoring app for anyone with an Apple iOS11 iPhone or iPad.

With Thyng 4.0 powered by ARKit, users can bring any real-world surface to life with amazing augmented reality experiences that use photo and video content selected directly from their iPhone or iPad photo albums. Users can walk around their AR Scenes in real space and view them from any perspective -- even walking behind photos and videos to gain a whole new perspective by viewing them from the back in reverse. See your own photos and videos like you've never seen them before!

Thyng 4.0 was designed with the goal of providing an easy-to-use, all-purpose AR authoring tool for anyone who wants to get started with augmented reality. A simple tap-and-drop interface lets users easily create incredible AR worlds that take shape around them -- adding their own photos, their own videos, and any of the 3D objects in Thyng's frequently updated 3D Object Library.

"With Thyng 4.0, augmented reality can now be used for self-expression and for creating your own experiences," said Ed LaHood, CEO of Thyng. "What better way to express yourself than by using your own photos and videos to create amazing augmented reality environments that can exist anywhere -- in your home, outside, or anywhere you go!"

An AR Platform for Brand Managers and Consumers

Thyng is the perfect way to get started with AR. With a few taps, Thyng brings in your photos, videos and objects to create personalized AR experiences.

Consumers can have fun creating AR scenes. Put your family photos on the coffee table in augmented reality along with some virtual 3D snacks, and they will look like real objects no matter where you stand in the room. You can even create virtual TV sets that float in the air and play your favorite family videos.

Brand managers can move beyond the fun of AR and bring their products to life with Thyng-powered AR experiences. Thyng's augmented reality platform can be customized for a wide variety of brands and applications, including consumer packaged goods, retail, entertainment, education, health care and sports. Brands can work with Thyng to build custom AR experiences that use the Thyng app, or they can embed Thyng technology into custom white label solutions.

Surface-Based AR and Target-Based AR

Thyng 4.0 is unique in its support for both surface-based AR and target-based AR. Surface-based AR, introduced with Thyng 4.0 and powered by ARKit, allows virtual items like photos, videos, and 3D objects to be placed onto any surface in the real world, like a table, a counter top, or a floor. Target-based AR provides the ability to scan a specific product, logo, or image to trigger a Thyng augmented reality experience overlaid onto the real-world item. For example, a cereal box can be scanned, resulting in a recipe video being played on the box, or a 3D version of the product mascot appearing, or a "Buy Now" button being displayed that allows a consumer to actually purchase the product. The ability to support both surface-based AR and target-based AR provides consumers and brands with an amazing combination of AR functionality to create unique and engaging experiences.

Thyng 4.0 Available on iOS11 Devices

Thyng 4.0 powered by ARKit is available on the iOS 11 App Store. Thyng 3.2, with support for target-based AR, is available on the Google Play store. A version of Thyng 4.0 for Android devices, with support for Google's ARCore technology, is under development.

About Thyng

Thyng LLC, based in Chicago, was founded in 2014 by Ed LaHood with the vision of making augmented reality available to everyone as a medium for self-expression and communication. Thyng 4.0 helps make that vision a reality by allowing anyone to easily create AR experiences that include their own photo and video content on any surface. Thyng is venture funded by G2T3V LLC, Tribal Ventures LLC, Lakewest Venture Partners, XVVC LLC, and the Kane Family Trust.

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