The MedMirror is a new and exciting way to engage patients. The MedMirror uses advanced 3D body tracking technology to provide fun, educational and interactive experiences on a freestanding display.

  • Overlay life-sized 3D medical models and animations to better understand your body.
  • View general or patient specific anatomies.
  • Become your favorite character or superhero to provide an inspirational uplifting experience.
  • Perfect for lobbies, waiting rooms and children’s hospitals.

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The MedCreator is an automated 3D scanner that creates photorealistic 3D scans of tissue and organs.  Turn specimens into 3D models at the touch of a button!

  • Create an easily accessible digital library of photorealistic 3D specimens
  • User friendly one touch workflow and automated scanning process that reduces manual effort by 90%
  • Digital copies of specimens free up space in the lab
  • Operates without a network or internet connection
  • Holding solutions to capture complete surface area scans of each specimen

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Contact Us for MedMirror Pricing