The MedReality Platform

Visualizing your medical data in augmented reality is now possible with MedReality. Simply upload your 3D files or submit a DICOM set and watch your data come to life right before your eyes!

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Learning 3D anatomy is best accomplished by combining rote anatomic teaching with real world 3D patient specific anatomy – and that should be available to any user on any device where the learner is. Thyng is making that available today with the MedReality Platform and the MedReality Marketplace .

Dr. Jonathan Morris
Mayo Clinic

Experience a Real Covid Infected Lung in 3D

How It Works

    1. Login on the web or download the MedReality iOS app and create an account
    2. Upload your 3D model or Dicom on the MedReality website
    3. View your 3D model on the web or on your iOS Device

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MedCreator turns physical specimens into photorealistic 3D visualizations quickly and easily with our fully automated 3D scanning technology. Lab staff and clinicians can retrieve digital 3D specimens immediately and view in AR at any time on mobile devices.

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