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MedReality Releases Covid-19 Lung Model

Thyng Announces the World’s First Public Release of a 3D Model Showing Real Lungs Severely Damaged by Covid The Covid Lung Model allows anyone in the world to immediately download and fully experience the devastating impact that Covid can have on healthy lungs in a matter of days As new waves of Covid emerge around [...]

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Saving Space: STL vs OBJ

Some equivalent model files are more equal than others. With most medical image postprocessing applications now emitting geometry for 3D print, there are subtleties in the formats that can help inform your choice.  An important one is size. STL has been the least common denominator file format for 3D printing for a long time.  It’s [...]

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Getting Started with MedReality

You can quickly get started with MedReality by using the MedReality Web Viewer, or by Downloading the MedReality iOS App 1. Getting Started by Using the MedReality Web Viewer The MedReality Web Viewer enables users to view 3D models on the web On the MedReality home page click "login" on the top menu Enter your [...]

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MedReality Free Trial

How To Sign Up For Your MedReality Free Trial MedReality’s cloud-based augmented reality platform can transform the way that physicians, researchers and patients view 3D medical visualization. One of the best ways to understand MedReality and how it can fit into your organizational process is to simply try it. For that reason, we’re offering a [...]

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Introducing MedCreator

The advent of 3D printers has made the creation and possession of 3D medical models more ubiquitous. 3D medical models can be created a few different ways and for a couple of different purposes. Initially, 3D models were created based on artist renderings. As technology has progressed, we’ve moved away from artist renderings, towards more [...]

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MedReality in Education

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), together referred to as Mixed Reality, are incredible tools that can enhance education. There is an abundance of published literature that suggests as much. AR and VR provide an immersive experience that can efficiently accelerate the acquisition of skills and knowledge in students. The ubiquity of cell phones [...]

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Selecting your Viewer

The MedReality solution offers three visualization environments in which to view your patient specific model(s).  With applications for iOS devices, Microsoft HoloLens 2 and Oculus Quest you can use augmented reality on the iPhone, mixed reality in HoloLens 2, or completely immerse yourself in virtual reality on the Oculus.  Each selection offers different benefits that [...]

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AR/VR and 3D Printing Intersections

The worlds of 3D printing and mixed reality viewing have collided, and the files that can be used to present 3D anatomical visualizations in each have a high degree of overlap. While the two may seem to be in direct competition, they can actually work in tandem to improve overall quality of care. Computer aided [...]

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My Medical Adventure

Our VP of Clinical Mixed Reality, Colin Holmes, shares a personal experience of how visualizing a 3D model on MedReality helped educate and bring a level of comfort to his family during a scary incident... For the past 20 odd years, I have been working with scientific visualization in one regard or another, initially with [...]

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In Search of… Content

If you have uploaded a model to MedReality, you may have been through the process shown below: Just in case you stumbled on the first icon in the MedReality process and asked “where would I get some realistic anatomical models that I want to view?”, this Blog post (and others to follow) can help to [...]

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