Free 30 Day MedReality Trial

MedReality is a new platform that lets you visualize your 3D medical data like never before in augmented reality. Follow the steps below to sign-up for our free 30 day trial and watch your data come to life right before your eyes!  A free 30 day MedReality trial includes:

  • 2 Pro user licenses for 30 Days
  • Unlimited web uploads of 3D Models into your MedReality Accounts (OBJ, STL and VRML)
  • Share 3D models between users
  • Multiple users can view and articulate the same 3D model in real time

How To Sign Up

    1. Download the MedReality iOS app and create an account
    2. Sign up for your free MedReality trial (no credit card required)
    3. Upload your 3D medical models here

Ready to start your free trial?

Uploading 3D Models with MedReality:

Have any questions about your free trial?

Have any questions about your free trial?