How can I get started using MedReality?

You can quickly get started with MedReality by using the MedReality Web Viewer, or by downloading the MedReality iOS App from the Apple App Store. See our Getting Started Guide for additional details.

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How can I access my MedReality models on the web?

The MedReality Web Viewer enables users to view 3D models on the web On the MedReality home page click “login” on the top menu Enter your MedReality username and password If you do not yet have an account you can sign up here When you are logged in you will see a list of your [...]

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How much does MedReality cost?

You can use the MedReality Web Viewer and the MedReality iOS App for free! For MedReality Pro licenses that provide additional functionality for professional users, we have affordable plans to fit a wide variety of needs. Please visit our pricing page to find the best fit!

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