MedMirror, a Full-Length Digital Display That Lets Patients Virtually See Inside of Their Own Bodies

MedMirror is a magical experience that creates a new category of Medical Visualization – one that interactively puts patients at the center of their healthcare experience by utilizing them as the canvas – and can include everything from anatomical visualization to interacting with a favorite character – creating a unique environment that educates, inspires, and uplifts everyone from children to adults.

Chicago, April 7, 2022 – Thyng, LLC announces the launch of MedMirror, a freestanding display that uses advanced 3D body tracking to create a next generation patient experience and enhances the digital care journey. These interactive experiences help educate and create positive healthcare outcomes for patients of all ages. MedMirror is the newest product available for MedReality, Thyng’s healthcare visualization platform, a suite of products that bring real medical cases into 3D.

The goals of the MedMirror are twofold, to educate patients through an engaging visual medium, and to provide inspirational uplifting experiences. MedMirror puts patients front and center, using their body as a canvas to showcase the spatial relationship of body systems and medical conditions. One experience allows patients to stand in front of the MedMirror and view 3D anatomies digitally overlaid onto their body to better understand a medical condition, effectively allowing patients to virtually “see” inside of their own bodies. Another experience allows pediatric patients to become a favorite superhero and reduce the stress and anxiety that often comes along with a hospital stay.

“MedMirror creates a new level of understanding and inspiration within patients”, said Ed LaHood, CEO of Thyng, “allowing for better education, and creating an environment where their spirit is uplifted.”

“Patient education is crucial. Engaging with innovative digital tools like MedMirror improves our interactions.” said Dr. Jonathan Morris, Neuroradiologist and Medical Director of Advanced Biomedical Visualization and Experiential Learning at Mayo Clinic, “Not only does it educate but can reduce anxiety in the pediatric age group who are in an unfamiliar place.”


The opportunities for both children and adults to learn about their bodies, and to be inspired and uplifted, are plentiful:

• Learn the parts of your body (Anatomy)
• Learn about how your body works (Circulatory System, Respiratory System, Digestive System)
• Learn about general conditions and treatments (Broken Bones, Heart Conditions, Tumors)
• Become your favorite superhero
• Interact with your favorite characters

The MedMirror platform allows hospitals to create a wide range of custom experiences. Children’s hospitals can set up MedMirrors in lobbies and waiting rooms to create unforgettable experiences in which pediatric patients interact with superheroes, movie characters, sports mascots and more!

Additional MedMirror information is available on the MedReality website at Multiple MedMirror tiers are available with varying levels of remote control, touchscreen and finishes. Each tier includes a MedReality account to upload custom content to the MedMirror.

MedMirror is for educational purposes only, and is not a medical device.

About MedReality

MedReality is Thyng’s healthcare visualization platform focused on bringing real medical cases into 3D to help educate and improve patient outcomes.

About Thyng

Thyng LLC, based in Chicago, was founded in 2014 with the vision of utilizing real-time 3D Visualization to improve our daily lives.