Thyng Announces the World’s First Public Release of a 3D Model Showing Real Lungs Severely Damaged by Covid

The Covid Lung Model allows anyone in the world to immediately download and fully experience the devastating impact that Covid can have on healthy lungs in a matter of days

As new waves of Covid emerge around the world, the Covid Lung Model can educate everyone on the significant impact that Covid can have on the lungs, helping to increase awareness and save lives

The Covid Lung Model was created from a patient with a severe case of Covid on day 9 of their infection 

The Covid Lung Model is available for immediate download on Thyng’s MedReality Marketplace

Chicago, May 11, 2021 – Thyng, LLC announces the world’s first public release of a 3D Model of Lungs Severely Damaged by Covid – and its immediate availability for anyone in the world to download and experience using real-time 3D visualization, helping advance the understanding of Covid for physician communication, patient awareness, education, training and research purposes.

The Covid Lung 3D Model was created from an actual patient with severe Covid Illness. The detailed Covid Lung Model was created from a CT scan of the patient on day 9 of their Covid infection. The patient was placed on a ventilator soon after the CT scan was taken, and remained on the ventilator for twelve days, ultimately surviving the infection. The 3D Model allows everyone to see the significant and devastating impact that Covid can have on the lungs, including on the lower lobes of the lungs, on the periphery of the lungs, and around the bronchi within the lungs.

The Covid Lung 3D Model is available immediately on Thyng’s new MedReality Marketplace, and can be automatically viewed and interacted with on any web browser using Thyng’s MedReality 3D Web Viewer, which allows real-world anatomical models to be easily experienced in 3D on a standard web browser, or within Augmented Reality on an iPhone or iPad using the MedReality iOS app.

“Perhaps one of the biggest and most relevant mysteries in the world right now is how and why Covid can quickly and significantly devastate the lungs of an otherwise healthy person and lead to death in a matter of days”, said Ed LaHood, CEO of Thyng, “this 3D Model shows more clearly than anything ever produced how a Covid infection can utterly devastate the lungs. The impact of Covid is immediately visible by viewing this 3D Model, the stunning visual presented by this 3D Model allows everyone to understand the impact that Covid can have – it is immediately apparent and understandable.”

About the MedReality Marketplace

The Covid Lung 3D Model will be the first model available on the new MedReality Marketplace being launched by Thyng, a marketplace dedicated to providing real-world 3D Models of actual medical cases aimed to advance education and understanding for physicians, researchers, medical students, and patients – and to help improve patient outcomes using the power of 3D Visualization to help heal patients by utilizing an entirely new level of knowledge and understanding.

The MedReality Marketplace is tightly integrated with Thyng’s MedReality 3D Visualization platform which allows real-world 3D Anatomies to be visualized in real-time anywhere in the world on any type of device, including a standard web browser, iPhone, iPad, Android, Microsoft HoloLens, and Oculus Quest.

“Learning 3D anatomy is best accomplished by combining rote anatomic teaching with real world 3D patient specific anatomy – and that should be available to any user on any device where the learner is.” said Dr. Jonathan Morris, Neuroradiologist and Medical Director of Advanced Biomedical Visualization and Experiential Learning at Mayo Clinic, “Thyng is making that available today with the MedReality Platform and the MedReality Marketplace. The Covid Lung Model is the first example showing the increased value this type of content delivered though the MedReality platform can have for education and training. Seeing the degree of lung damage caused by Covid-19 encourages greater understanding to both the lay person and healthcare professional, helping improve precaution levels and overall care.”

Downloading the Covid Lung 3D Model

The Covid Lung model is available immediately on the MedReality Marketplace, where it can be fully downloaded, and then viewed in real-time 3D with full textures and transparency using the MedReality 3D Viewer. Additional details on how to download and experience the Covid Lung 3D Model are available at

The Covid Lung Model is viewable in many forms. Users will get access to multiple variations of the Covid Lung Model, including a fully textured version, a version with transparent lungs for seeing inside, a fully annotated version, and individual component versions that include the separated covid infection areas, the outer lungs, the bronchial tubes, and the trachea. In order to provide broad access to the Covid Lung Model, the first users to access the model will receive a 75% discount on the price of the model. This will allow initial users to access the entire Covid Lung Pack for fully experiencing the Covid Lung Model within the MedReality platform for only $2.50 (a 75% discount from the $10 retail price). Advanced users can gain full download access to all versions of the model for only $25 (a 75% discount from the $100 retail price) allowing for full download access to all versions of the Covid Lung Model.

About Thyng

Thyng LLC, based in Chicago, was founded in 2014 with the vision of utilizing real-time 3D Visualization to improve our daily lives. Thyng’s MedReality brand is focused on the use of Thyng technology within healthcare to improve patient outcomes and to save lives.