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AR/VR and 3D Printing Intersections

The worlds of 3D printing and mixed reality viewing have collided, and the files that can be used to present 3D anatomical visualizations in each have a high degree of overlap. While the two may seem to be in direct competition, they can actually work in tandem to improve overall quality of care. Computer aided [...]

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My Medical Adventure

Our VP of Clinical Mixed Reality, Colin Holmes, shares a personal experience of how visualizing a 3D model on MedReality helped educate and bring a level of comfort to his family during a scary incident... For the past 20 odd years, I have been working with scientific visualization in one regard or another, initially with [...]

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In Search of… Content

If you have uploaded a model to MedReality, you may have been through the process shown below: Just in case you stumbled on the first icon in the MedReality process and asked “where would I get some realistic anatomical models that I want to view?”, this Blog post (and others to follow) can help to [...]

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Better Communication Using 3D

We are surrounded! By data. Whether simple or complex, we are presented with data every day in a range of formats that we interpret through one or more of our five senses. Some data is simple and can be interpreted clearly and concisely with little work, like a dark shape on a light background. Other [...]

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Introducing MedReality

Think about your favorite medical drama or criminal-catching series on TV or the big screen; when talking about the human body, do they just use words to describe anatomy to pathology? No. They don’t. Hollywood gets the idea: if a picture is worth a thousand words, an interactive 3D model is worth many more. The [...]

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